At this time of difficulty, stuck inside away from our friends, family and community, how can we stay connected?

Creating a customised personal and fun caricature to send to our best person is one way. 

You can commission your own Caricature ONLINE!

Joanne will create your caricature using your emailed photos and then post it to you or your lucky friend, payment by bank transfer. All done from the comfort of your computer.

How about that for a fun way to send a personal gift to let your best person know you are thinking of them? an Artist..we need it. 








Steps to Ordering your Caricature online.



Email The Caricature Lady with your requirements.

This is your brief to the artist.


INFORMATION needed by the artist:


  • SIZE of the artwork

  • DEADLINE ( the time it is required by you)

  • ARTWORK in colour or black and white

  • PHOTOS of person to be caricatured. These must be recent, clear and a good representation of that person. Several photos are useful.


ARTIST will then:


  • Email you back a sketch based on your brief and the photographs supplied.


  • YOU will make any changes or additions AT THIS STAGE. Further changes after this step are an added fee.


  • Half or all of the payment will be made before the final artwork is begun.


  • WHEN you have approved the sketch the ARTIST will do the final artwork on QUALITY paper using the BEST inks or Acrylic paints.


  • The final artwork will be posted, couriered or delivered to you as suits. Postage or courier has an additional cost for packaging and handling.


  • Payment can be made via the instructions on this web page, cash, direct bank transfer or by other agreed means.


Using this method you can have YOUR original caricature artwork created without you ever needing to leave your computer! No matter where you are, no matter what you need…it can all be done quickly and professionally online by The Caricature Lady.




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